How accurate is the information on your Page?

How accurate is the information on your Page?

Because Facebook is such a powerful viral medium, any piece of information – good or bad – is under a constant spotlight by Fans. Any mistake you make, however small, can cause an unanticipated social media crisis.

Euphonik is a very popular DJ troupe from South Africa with nearly 200k likes on their Page. Great! Except, they chose ‘Artist’ as the category for their Page, which is a word more often used for visual arts. Would ‘Musician’ or ‘Entertainer’ have been a more appropriate category?

Facebook offers about 150 categories to choose your Page type from, so the choice can often be confusing. If you run a neighbourhood toy store, would you choose ‘Baby Goods/Kids Goods’ or ‘Retail and Consumer Merchandise’ or simply ‘Local business’?

The correct way to choose is to discover the keywords your customers / prospects use to search for your business or similar businesses. Choose a category closest to that keyword. Category information can always be corrected from Admin panel.

Neelakantam Raju

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