Use ‘Highlight’ feature on Timeline wisely

Use ‘Highlight’ feature on Timeline wisely

The ‘Highlight’ (The star symbol on top right) feature on Facebook Timeline can transform your Page into a truly captivating visual experience. But use it wisely. Overkill can make the Page look too gaudy and turn a user away. Also, choose the right kind of Photos or Videos to Highlight and not just any Post randomly. After all, the idea is to highlight the best Posts in your Timeline and not any random Photo.

 Vivienne Westwood, the vivacious designer, has a good Page on Facebook and pays tribute to her skills and talent. One of the Posts highlighted is a video of her talking about Merino wool on video.

However, the problem is, the screen grab that’s supposed to be the Cover of the video is too pixelated, making the Post look rather shabby. The video itself is well made, but before a user gets there, the Cover of the video acts as a put-off.

 Choose what you highlight properly, or sometimes you end up amplifying a fault line instead of what you want to show! (Certainly the kind of advice a Fashion Diva would give, don’t you think?)

Neelakantam Raju

I am an Ex Service Men, Thriving to sustain in the field of Social Media.Trying to be in pace with the latest developments of Social Media globally.