14 Jul 2012

Use insights and tools to get your content strategy right

This is something that we at Recommend.ly believe in steadfastly. Serious page owners, who want to make it big on social media, review their content strategy regularly to come out with the best. It’s like that really insightful

& funny pumpkin plan for business. You need to keep improving the content to suit the tastes of your fans.

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 Now, ‘Content Strategy’ may sound like a complex phrase. But it boils down to few simple things, really. Like the type of content – visual or text. Moving images or static. Timing of posting. Tone of message. Stuff like that! The insights you get from the fan response on Facebook can also help you in offline marketing.


Neelakantam Raju

I am an Ex Service Men, Thriving to sustain in the field of Social Media.Trying to be in pace with the latest developments of Social Media globally.