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Today’s tip is a recommendation for a very interesting article on Content Marketing (meaning, what you and we are doing on our Facebook Pages) that tells you that briefly engaging a customer’s flitting attention isn’t enough to convert into ‘leads’.

 He advises social marketers such as you and us to get focused on a ‘purpose that is the behavioural outcome’ of a social campaign. Is the desired outcome of your campaign a lead? Or is it a sale? Or mere viral proliferation of a message for branding? Identify the purpose and be focused on the desired outcome.

 This is not to say that any message without a call to action is useless. believes that several lightweight interactions over a period of time can result in achieving your desired objective. But if the interactions are aimless, and not driving you towards the desired outcome, they are mere ‘profitless engagement’ as per Jeff Molander.

 Read up the article here and let us know what you think:

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