Press Release to announce the launch of Recommend.ly

We’ve launched Recommend.ly to the world! The Beta version with its latest improvements is now open for review and sign up by everyone. Do let us know what you think!

Here’s the draft of the Press Release:

Press Release

82% of Facebook Pages Make Less Than 5 Posts a Month

Recommend.ly Launches Web-Application To Optimise Facebook Page

London, — Independent research of 1.7 million Facebook Pages, categorized across Business, Personal Brands and Interest Groups1 reveals that 82% of Facebook company and brand Pages issue less than 5 update posts per month – hugely underutilising the platform and falling short of fully engaging fans. The research conducted by Recommend.ly is believed to be the largest ever independent analysis of Facebook Pages.

The 1.7 million sample represents 4.59%2 of the total number of Pages disclosed in Facebook’s  IPO document, and captured 454 million data points ranging from: 10 billion fans; 303 million ‘likes’; 57 million posts; and 94 million comments. (see Editor’s Notes) ([2]source: Facebook 2011)
Facebook Pages: 1.7 Million Page Sample
As strong advocates of Facebook for business, Recommend.ly conducted the research to understand Facebook Page usage, profile of users, behavioural patterns and engagement metrics, prior to launching its web-based Facebook Page management and productivity solution. The Research confirmed that Businesses are failing to optimise fan engagement and interactions, due to a lack of basic platform familiarity and fan/Page analytics.

Venkata Ramana, CEO, Recommend.ly commented: “We recognise Facebook as the online marketing forerunner and with Timeline, Facebook is clearly pushing Pages to become more social! Critically, Businesses are stumbling at the starting blocks. Failing to share the right type of content at the right time; respond adequately to fans; participate in conversations; and understand engagement metrics. At Recommend.ly, we’ve developed a customised Facebook Page management solution that drives Page performance via daily recommendations, actionable within the tool. Recommend.ly does all the learning and is able to dynamically provide the Page owner with a simple list of ‘things-to-do’ each day. This makes Page management a simple 10-minute affair.”

Research Highlights

Engagement measured by People Talking About This (PTAT): Businesses get the least engagement on Facebook

  • Politicians get the highest PTAT score across all categories
  • Personal Brands consistently score higher on PTAT versus Business

Facebook Pages: PTAT Rankiing

Posting Habits:

Businesses make the fewest posts compared to all other Page categories

  • 82% of all Facebook Pages have fewer than 5 posts a month, Local Business Pages have the fewest
  • Local Business Pages average 15 posts per month, the lowest of all categories
  • Personal Brand Pages have 180% more posts than Business Pages
  • Business Pages carried the least number of user-initiated posts
  • Personal Brand Pages have 3 times the number of user-generated posts on their pages
  • Politicians post more than 2 updates per day on average and also get the highest PTAT for their Pages
Facebook Pages: Posting HabitsFacebook Pages: Posts by Category


Businesses spend less time participating in fan commentary

  • Local Businesses do not participate in 94% of conversations on their Pages
  • 91% of conversations on Company Pages are left unattended
  • Spa Pages score the highest on fan participation with only 83% Page posts left unattended

Facebook Pages: Owner Participation
About Recommend.ly

Recommend.ly’s Page recommendations range from basic ‘housekeeping’ to more advanced Page enhancement techniques. For example, it can identify the most engaged and active fans; advise on the best time to post; identify the most powerful conversations to participate in; flag comments and posts that Page owners have left unanswered; identify what type of content gets the most response; and also track competitor activity to benchmark overall Page performance.

Facebook Pages: Fan Count & PopularityFacebook Pages: Average fan Count

Recommend.ly is aimed at SMEs, Local Businesses and marketing professionals. It is currently in Open Beta and is available for free. For marketing professionals and agencies it has functionality to manage multiple Facebook Pages.

Recommend.ly Inc. is a social media technologies innovator. The company is privately funded.

Recommend.ly, driving Page Actions – How it works in 3 steps

Facebook Page Admins/Owners can sign into Recommend.ly via their existing Facebook account login details. Once logged in users are asked to select the Facebook Page to be tracked by URL and industry category. The third and final step; to select specific Facebook URL’s for competitor tracking. Recommend.ly is then able to provide customised, contextualised recommendations, suggest immediate Page actions to improve fan engagement, and provide the interface to action them.

Notes to Editors:

[1] 1.7m Facebook Pages research were categorised under Businesses, Personal Brands and Interest Groups. ‘Businesses’ comprises Pages tagged as Company, Local Business, Spas and Restaurant/Cafes. ‘Personal Brands’ comprises Pages tagged as Politicians, Musicians/Bands, Actors/Directors and Public Figures. ‘Interest Groups’ comprises Pages tagged as Community Pages.

[2] Facebook IPO Filing link:http://sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1326801/000119312512034517/d287954ds1.htm


PS: The infographic titled ‘Facebook Pages: Fancount & Popularity” has been replaced on 28-03-2012 to rectify incorrect labelling and omission of a category. The corrected version appears in this post. We thank Mitch Winkels of www.emarketer.com for pointing out the error.


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