Heineken’s Beer App during last Christmas was ‘Genius’

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Here’s a case study featured on our favorite SimplyZesty.com:

Heineken’s BeerTender App which ran to a full house during the last Christmas was termed ‘genius’ by most expert.

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left”>The campaign contains pure viral and fun elements that a lot of beer enthusiasts fell for. It involved purchasing a BeerTender, but gifting it instead to an FB user who also wants to buy the BeerTender. In return, you will receive a BeerTender as a gift from the recipient of your gift. Both users will receive a BeerTender as a gift instead of indulging in a ‘selfish’ purchase, keeping up with the spirit of the season!

The App received rave reviews from the marketing and social experts all over. Do you have a brilliant app idea too?


Add viral apps to your Page

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Viral apps get you a lot of visibility and a good bump in the fan count for your Page.

 Ray Ban has a great viral app on their page that reads the fan’s profile and makes a cool ‘Legend story’ that the fan can share on his/her page. The positioning, content, color scheme and the output spell ‘cool’ – just like the brand the brings the app.

 Check out the app and consider if you can make an app like this for your page too, incorporating your brand values.

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