Get the Most Out of Facebook With Applications

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Have you ever visited a page within Facebook where you signed up to enter a contest? More than likely,

you were doing this within one of their applications developed by a third party.

One of the benefits of using these third party

applications is many of them, especially the larger companies that produce them, allow

you to incorporate different features into the applications, like “fan-gating”.

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In addition, it also provides additional ways for your Facebook fan base to become buy viagra online

more engaged with your Facebook page, create more brand awareness, and continue building those online relationships.

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Apps improve your Page experience

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It is important to drive to traffic to your Page so that you can catch the attention of Fans for a longer period and make that sale. Wall updates go to the Fan newsfeeds anyway, so there is no incentive to come to your Page.

Evaluate various Apps on offer and install a few on your Page to drive up the traffic. Apps improve the page browsing experience and make fans come back to you often.

Remember, Facebook took an unassailable lead over other networks primarily because of the addictive apps on offer. It works the same way for your Page too!

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