Light weight interactions help your cause

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Review your Timeline and check if the Page has only Promotions and Sales talk all along. If so, you are probably not doing enough to get the attention of your Fans. You need to put your promotions out there and do your best to popularize them.

But to get your Fans’ attention, you need to introduce some opportunities for light weight interactions. Talk about current events, share some jokes, greet them on occasions.

Queensbay’s is a small Page with a

bout 78,879 Likes. Their engagement is not much though and they get only about 17-20 Likes per post, even if they are colourful pictures and albums. But when there was a post about a Friday promotion by Starbucks, there were 56 likes. Yeah, 56 isn’t much but it is still three times the average!

 The point is, if you post what is relevant to the fans (even if it is not your business objective), you create opportunities for several light weight interactions. Over time, this will translate into a long term relationship.

Try it to see if it works for you, and let us know!

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